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Insect Glaive is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.


The Insect Glaive is a double-ended rod that functions somewhat like a Long Sword, in that it can deal quick, fluid, but not overly powerful attacks to the enemy. Notably, the Glaive is capable of summoning a Kinsect to attack monsters.

Insect Glaives

Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Noimage.png Aerial Rod
Noimage.png Aqua Rod
Noimage.png Azure Bolt
Noimage.png Blacksteel Glaive
Blooming Glaive.png Blooming Glaive
Blooming Rod.png Blooming Rod
Bone Rod.png Bone Rod
Noimage.png Catastrophe's Light
Chrome Blade.png Chrome Blade
Noimage.png Daora's Entom
Noimage.png Daora's Tethidine
Noimage.png Datura Blade
Noimage.png Destroyer Bo
Noimage.png Diablos Rod
Noimage.png Dragonbone Glaive
Noimage.png Firedance Rathmaul
Noimage.png Flame Glaive
Flammenkaefer.png Flammenkaefer
32px Flammenkaefer+
Noimage.png Freeze Gale
Noimage.png Frost Blade
Noimage.png Gama Cane
Noimage.png Garon Rod
Gnashing Flammenkaefer.png Gnashing Flammenkaefer
Noimage.png Hard Bone Rod
Noimage.png Hazak Entoma
Noimage.png Indigo Flash
Iron Blade.png Iron Blade
Noimage.png Kadachi Pillar
Kulu Blade.png Kulu Blade
Noimage.png Luminous Blade
Noimage.png Nergal Reaper
Pulsar Rod.png Pulsar Rod
Noimage.png Rathmaul
Noimage.png Steel Blade
Noimage.png Temptation's Trident
Noimage.png Tyrannis Glaive
Noimage.png Verdant Levin
Noimage.png Vice
Noimage.png Water Glaive
Noimage.png Xeno Shmaena
Noimage.png Ya-Ku Wrath

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