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Hunting Horn is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.


The Hunting Horn is similar to the Hammer, but is more specifically designed to deliver greater sustained damage (as opposed to the Hammer, which focuses more on immediate, incidental damage).

Hunting Horns

Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Anja Barone.png Anja Barone
Aqua Bagpipe.png Aqua Bagpipe
Baan Horn.png Baan Horn
Bazelreid Rookslayer.png Bazelreid Rookslayer
Blacksteel Dragonhorn.png Blacksteel Dragonhorn
Blazing Horn.png Blazing Horn
Blooming Horn.png Blooming Horn
Bone Horn.png Bone Horn
Coral Chordmaker.png Coral Chordmaker
Dancing Duval.png Dancing Duval
Datura Horn.png Datura Horn
Desolation's Overture.png Desolation's Overture
Dragonbone Auldhorn.png Dragonbone Auldhorn
Fortissimo.png Fortissimo
Gama Horn.png Gama Horn
Glacial Bagpipe.png Glacial Bagpipe
Glass Royale.png Glass Royale
32px Glass Royale+
Great Bagpipe.png Great Bagpipe
Hard Bone Horn.png Hard Bone Horn
Heavy Bone Horn.png Heavy Bone Horn
Kula Duda.png Kula Duda
Legia Sectored.png Legia Sectored
Lightning Drum.png Lightning Drum
Lumu Barone.png Lumu Barone
Lumu Horn.png Lumu Horn
Metal Bagpipe.png Metal Bagpipe
Nergal Groove.png Nergal Groove
Queen Chordmaker.png Queen Chordmaker
Queen Vespoid Horn.png Queen Vespoid Horn
Rookslayer Drum.png Rookslayer Drum
Royal Chordmaker.png Royal Chordmaker
Sectored.png Sectored
Sonic Horn.png Sonic Horn
Spiked Horn.png Spiked Horn 378 0% Sleep 250
Noimage.png Teostra's Orphée
Teostra's Tiple.png Teostra's Tiple
Thunder Gaida.png Thunder Gaida
Thunderbolt Horn.png Thunderbolt Horn
Thundercry Horn.png Thundercry Horn
Valkyrie Chordmaker.png Valkyrie Chordmaker
Water Tamtam.png Water Tamtam
Xeno Manasheena.png Xeno Manasheena

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