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Hammer is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.


The Hammer is a very powerful weapon, capable of dealing a massive amount of damage. This comes with the cost of mobility and speed, though, so Hunters should develop a sense of timing for the weapon's strikes in order to deal effective damage while dodging damage themselves.


Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Anja Striker.png Anja Striker
Aqua Hammer.png Aqua Hammer
Baan Strike.png Baan Strike
Barroth Breaker.png Barroth Breaker
Binder Mace.png Binder Mace
Binding Rock.png Binding Rock 468 0% Paralysis 250
Blacksteel Hammer.png Blacksteel Hammer
Blazing Hammer.png Blazing Hammer
Blooming Hammer.png Blooming Hammer
Bone Bludgeon.png Bone Bludgeon
Bone Spike.png Bone Spike
Brazenbreak.png Brazenbreak
Buon Fiore.png Buon Fiore
Buona Flora.png Buona Flora
Carapace Sledge.png Carapace Sledge
Cocytus.png Cocytus
Crushing Beak.png Crushing Beak
Daora's Colossus.png Daora's Colossus
Diablos Shatterer.png Diablos Shatterer
Diablos Sledge.png Diablos Sledge
Dragonbone Basher.png Dragonbone Basher
Fossil Bludgeon.png Fossil Bludgeon
Frozen Core.png Frozen Core
32px Frozen Core+
Girros Hammer.png Girros Hammer
Grandrock.png Grandrock
Hazak Vlafos.png Hazak Vlafos
Icesteel Hammer.png Icesteel Hammer
Iron Archdemon.png Iron Archdemon
Iron Demon.png Iron Demon
Iron Hammer.png Iron Hammer
Jail Hammer.png Jail Hammer
Kulu Beak.png Kulu Beak
Lightning Bash.png Lightning Bash
Magda Floga.png Magda Floga
Malady's Fist.png Malady's Fist
Nergal Crusher.png Nergal Crusher
Obliteration's Footfall.png Obliteration's Footfall
Pandemonium's Root.png Pandemonium's Root
Ragefire Magda Floga.png Ragefire Magda Floga
Thunder Hammer.png Thunder Hammer
Water Basher.png Water Basher
Xeno Maph'agarna.png Xeno Maph'agarna

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