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Dual Blades is a type of weapon in Monster Hunter: World.


The Dual Blades are extremely fast motion weapons, effectively serving as a dual-wielded dagger set. While they don't deal very much damage, their high speed and the nimbleness they enable in heroes make them attractive for builds specializing in speed and dodging. They do require significant skill to use, however, as they are often used as parts of builds that can't take as much abuse as their heavier counterparts.

Dual Blades

Image Name Attack Affinity Element Deviation Special Ammo Shelling Type Shelling Level Phial Type Attack Type Dust Effect Power Speed Heal Kinsect Bonus Coating
Anja Cyclone.png Anja Cyclone
Arcanaria.png Arcanaria
Bazelhawk Rookslayer.png Bazelhawk Rookslayer
Blacksteel Twins.png Blacksteel Twins
Blazing Hatchets.png Blazing Hatchets
Blood-drinker Chainblade.png Blood-drinker Chainblade
Bone Hatchets.png Bone Hatchets
Chrome Slicers.png Chrome Slicers
Dark Ripper.png Dark Ripper
Decimation Claws.png Decimation Claws
Diablos Clubs.png Diablos Clubs
Diablos Hatchets.png Diablos Hatchets
Noimage.png Dragonbone Twinblade
Dragonbone Twinblades.png Dragonbone Twinblades
Dual Destroyers.png Dual Destroyers
Dual Slicers.png Dual Slicers
Enduring Schism.png Enduring Schism
Fire and Ice.png Fire and Ice
Freeze Chain.png Freeze Chain
Freeze Daggers.png Freeze Daggers
Garon Hatchets.png Garon Hatchets
Holy Sabers.png Holy Sabers
Jyura Hatchets.png Jyura Hatchets 140 0% Water 10
Kadachi Claws.png Kadachi Claws
Kirin Bolts.png Kirin Bolts
32px Kirin Bolts+
Lava Cyclone.png Lava Cyclone
Luminous Daggers.png Luminous Daggers
Madness Pangas.png Madness Pangas
Mahda Ungulae.png Mahda Ungulae
Matched Slicers.png Matched Slicers
Monarch.png Monarch
Nergal Gouge.png Nergal Gouge
Pulsar Hatchets.png Pulsar Hatchets
Rending Beaks.png Rending Beaks
Rookslayer Handaxes.png Rookslayer Handaxes
Sin.png Sin
Strong Hatchets.png Strong Hatchets
Sworn Rapiers.png Sworn Rapiers
Noimage.png Sworn Rapiers +
Noimage.png Sworn Rapiers+
Taurus Pangas.png Taurus Pangas
Twin Nails.png Twin Nails
Wild Hatchets.png Wild Hatchets
Xeno Raqs.png Xeno Raqs

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